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0n November 30th, 2011, the California State Athletic Commission approved the newest fight sport in the world: "Pro-1™". Created by the IFS, (International Fight Showdown), Pro-1™ will prove who is the most complete, well-rounded professional fighter.

Critics, fighters and fans have debated which is the best martial art since the inception of fighting sports. In the past, fights matching different fighting disciplines have been unfairly set up. The Pro-1™ rules have been developed to be fair to the competing disciplines. Fighters will compete in the first round under boxing rules. In the second round they will add knees, kicks and elbows and fight under Muay Thai rules. Finally, in the third round, they will add take downs and ground fighting and fight under Mixed Martial Arts rules.

This progressive form of fighting, three disciplines in one fight, will determine fairly who is the total martial artist. This will be part of the fighters’ professional mixed martial arts records. The Am-1™ is the amateur fighter's version of this new and exciting sport, which the same rules will apply except knees to the head and any elbow strikes are not allowed.

International Fight Showdown

IFS 25

Date: Saturday January 14th, 2017
Time: 1 PM (doors open at 12 PM) 
Location: M3 Live 2232 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802


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